texting mistakes

texting mistakes

As fast-paced the world gets, people value their time more. That means that mind games no longer work in a modern and hectic environment. If you want to impress someone, forget being too demanding or playing hard to get. The dating scene has evolved, and you need to step up your game. Moving forward, in our guide you can find some common funny texting mistakes you need to avoid for a growing relationship.

1. Waiting for Ages Before Responding

Whether you like it or not, ignoring someone’s messages on purpose is hard to conceal. You get more apparent as days go by. People love the thrill of the chase, only when the prey is unmindful about the hunt. So when the person you like texts you, stay cool, calm, and collected. Make yourself authentically busy to the point that he will wonder what you are up to. However, also a to his messages when you have time. Becoming too distant by not texting back for days may push him away—you don’t want that to happen.

2. Becoming Too Cold or Annoying with the Emoticons

Balancing your use of emojis is key to a healthy texting practice. Use emoticons when needed, especially when you want the recipient to know the intensity of how you are feeling at the moment. However, do not overuse them unnecessarily as this may already seem ingenuine to the other party. Emojis are created to improve dry texts and also for fun—as long as used in moderation.

ignoring someone’s messages3. Replying to Short Texts With a Love Letter

One of Edgar Allan Poe’s works, avoid long cheesy lines when you barely know the person you are texting. That will set an awkward environment for both of you, or worse—you will get ghosted for being too serious. Remember that just like emojis, you should also keep your answers in moderation—especially when you are still in the getting-to-know-you stage.

4. Being Too Clingy or Demanding

The aim is to keep people comfortable with your attendance —whether physically or through text message. The last thing anyone wants is to get suffocated with childish behavior, such as being impatient with text responses. You know what they say—absence makes the heart grow fonder. When the other party refuses to respond punctually, then just let it be. Give them the time and space they need before they burn the bridges between you two.

5. Forcing a Conversation

Sending the last message is understandably one of the hardest things to do—when you’re genuinely into someone. Even oceans can’t compete with how deep your feelings are. However, it is always better to gracefully leave a conversation when you run out of words—or when it’s time to sleep. Give your partner just a little thrill and leave something for imagination, rather than giving your all early on.

6. Careless Texting

being negativeLate-night texts, texting too much, being negative—these are only some of the unhealthy texting practices that may give the other party the wrong interpretation about you. Sending a love interest late-night texts may give an idea of a booty call or playtime. You want to go deeper and more meaningful than that. Therefore, you have to be careful about continually messaging very late at night. Texting your partner too much may also give him the impression that you don’t have a happy life besides him. Lastly, being pessimistic with your texts—always complaining about growth per se—will also leave a reflection of who you are as a person without motivation. It is essential to keep communication timely, light, and positive to avoid giving the wrong impressions.

Maintain a flirty, engaging, honest and fun conversation with your recipient to keep him coming back for more. Be a friend and a confidant with your drama-free messages, and show him that you can be his comfort zone. You are capable of bringing light into the room and life by starting with the right text messages you send him.

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