Choosing an online dating service can prove to be a difficult task. With so many dating sites to pick from, how do you identify whether you’re choosing the right service?

Both Match and eHarmony are well-established, which sets them up well but are they evenly paired? Match started life back in 1995, which pretty much ties in with the introduction of the internet in homes.

eharmony logoeHarmony followed behind in the year 2000.

Both services have been leading from the front for decades, and that makes our review even more unique. Each site promises to provide members with access to honest singles and a range of features that enhance the dating experience.

While eHarmony is based around religion and promises a match roughly every 15 minutes, Match aims to bring millions of people together from diverse backgrounds.

So, there’s plenty to consider, so we have brought together our knowledge from our eHarmony review and compare it with our Match review to help you cut through the noise and decide what’s right.

App for iPhone and Android

Both dating services have an app that users can take advantage of, so take a look at what they offer.



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eHarmony vs Match – What Features Are Available?

It’s fair to say that every online matchmaking service is judged on looks and feels.

They are both designed for all kinds of singles, so whether people seek relationships, senior dating, casual matches, or a couple looking for fun, they both promise to tick every box.

Both eHarmony and Match have carefully considered their design because both are intuitive yet simple enough to appeal to members of every age. However, what features do they offer?

The free option at eHarmony feels very much like a demo. Members have the ability to explore profiles, send questions and identify those who have liked you. This all seems very nice, but it’s fairly disappointing.

If you require more, then you’ll need to pay, but this is where the service stands out. Users can complete their famous questionnaire, which consists of 80 photos, so it’s worth setting aside time to become acquainted with the service.

There are features on offer, which means sending smiles and using the “What If” features can be accessed with ease. We were also impressed by the “Video Date” option, allowing members to meet up before choosing to do this in person safely.

We thought this was a great option for getting to singles without the pressure.

match logoMatch does offer a free version, and we discovered it offers members more without the need to pay. Users have the ability to browse profiles and even send messages to a select number of people.

Despite this, a paid account will enable users to message all members and discover who has viewed their account as well as hit the like button.

The service is also enhanced by a range of special features such as Boost, Reverse Matches, Likes, Match Me, and Match Guarantee.

Both sites are designed to deliver a serious dating experience.

However, based on the features, it might be safe to say that Match adopts a fun approach to meeting people. eHarmony could be considered the more serious of the two, but that’s no bad thing!

Comparing Prices of eHarmony vs Match

Perhaps you base your dating service decision on the cost, and that’s fine with us. However, you’re going to need to know which one of these two services comes out on top.

Both eHarmony and Match are free to use, but the features are limited as you’d expect.

eHarmony requires users to pay for their premium account if they want to explore every feature available. It’s a reliable service and is aimed at delivering a refined experience, so people who are serious about dating might want to pay their membership prices.

Match works on a similar setup, which allows users to sign up for free. While they’ll have more free features than eHarmony enjoyers, they’re going to need to sign up if they’re looking for serious relationships.

Once again, if you are genuinely searching for a serious match, you’re going to need to consider their “paid-for” account.


6 Months – $29.90 per month

12 Months – $11.95 per month

24 Months – $8.95 per month


1 Month – $29.99 per month

3 Months – $19.99 per month

6 Months – $9.99 per month

eHarmony vs Match – What do the Active Members Look Like?

As a very active online dating website, eHarmony has a diverse member base.

However, it helps to know that 53% of members are men and 47% are women.

As a popular and widely recognized service, eHarmony has almost 100,000 active members each week, even though it does boast over 10 million users who are found to be singles aged between 25 and 55. It is a bit better suited for serious senior dating when Match offers more to younger people.

As expected, Match is also extremely popular. It boasts more than 20 million members worldwide, and over 8 million have a premium membership. Each day the site or app experiences half a million logins. Like eHarmony, 55% of members are male, and 45% are female, and users are spread evenly between 25 and 54.

What Countries Can They be Found in?

We cannot avoid the fact that eHarmony and Match are services that are available around the world. As expected, most users are located in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia across both platforms. However, Match is more popular in the UK, while eHarmony is more popular in the US.

Card Stack & Tile View

Both services are designed around a similar design as they both deliver matches on their homepage. This means that users are displayed in a tile view, giving users the chance to explore local matches and compatible users.

As you would expect, the search functions are highly usable and functional, allowing people to utilize parameters that enable them to fine-tune their search. Of course, eHarmony requires completing a detailed questionnaire that makes matches more likely to be compatible.

Who Owns eHarmony vs Match?

eHarmony Inc owns eHarmony, with its headquarters located in Florida., L.L.C own Match, and they are located in Texas.

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