It’s fair to say that both Eharmony and Tinder are hugely popular when it comes to online dating. However, too often, people tend to collate all dating websites together and assume they’re all the same.

In the case of Tinder and Eharmony, they are both completely different in the way they work.

Eharmony has a long and distinguished history, having started life back in 2000. It’s also a service designed for those who live their lives and base their romantic desires around religion.

In comparison, Tinder is a relative newcomer, having entered the market back in 2012. It’s based around users hooking up as quickly as possible.

Eharmony focuses on bringing people together using profiles and algorithms. On the other hand, Tinder is based on liking other members’ photos, so it adopts a completely unique approach.

As a result, we have considered our eHarmony review and Tinder review to help people determine which is best, based on how they compare.

App for iPhone and Android

Tinder is predominantly app-based, and Eharmony offers an app alongside the desktop version. However, both are readily available on both Apple and Android



Free Membership


Scene Negotiation



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Photo Gallery

Private Galleries



Free Chat


Group Chat



Dating Searches





Features of Eharmony vs Tinder

One of the main sticking points for dating services is the design of the platform.

Whether you’re senior dating or looking for a couple dating, some are simple to navigate when others require more effort. Among all of this, users have to look at the features that encourage matchmaking and bring people together.

Both Eharmony and Tinder have matching features, so it’s time to check them out.

eharmony logoConsidering Eharmony first, users can take advantage of free matchmaking tools. This allows them to send winks, view profiles, send questions to users and discover matches beyond set preferences. However, the paid-for features set this service apart.

This clever site impressed our experts as it is based on understanding love by using psychological protocols to build relationships. The questionnaires are extremely detailed, and anyone who completes them is seriously looking for love.

It consists of around 80 questions, so you might want to settle down and get comfortable. There are new features that keep the experience fresh and exciting.

This includes sending smiles to users, sending questions, and using the “What If” feature. One other nifty feature we particularly liked was the “Video Date” feature. This aspect allows users to learn more about each other before meeting, which also acts as a safety barrier.

Tinder takes a simplistic approach to features. The whole idea behind the site is to make hookups and relationships quick, and it achieves that brilliantly well.

However, you can expect to see profiles that are nothing more than basic, and that’s being kind.

Despite the lack of details, this is what the service is all about, as it’s designed to deliver fast-paced dating. So, the onus is on users to learn about other members once they make that first move. Famously, the main feature is the swiping game, giving users control of who they like.

It’s fun, but there’s no science behind it, so it’s a game that’s slightly hit and miss.

So, you have Eharmony, which takes you by the hand and helps you discover compatible matches, while Tinder encourages you to go wild and spread your wings.

Comparing Prices of Eharmony vs Tinder

Looking for cheap senior dating? Then you’ll certainly notice the difference between Eharmony and Tinder. While every Eharmony review states it is free to join, it’s very limited because people will need to pay to enjoy more features.

Despite this, it means members will benefit from everything that Eharmony has to offer. If users want to chat and meet members, they will need to pay for the service.


After downloading the app, users can use Tinder for free.

This involves swiping profiles, communicating, and meeting singles. The whole idea behind the app is to encourage members to connect in a modern, fast-paced world. It does offer plans at a cost, and these are known as Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold.

Don’t expect a load more for your money as you’ll only be able to use SuperLike, and you’ll have an option to undo your likes.


6 Months – $29.90 per month

12 Months – $11.95 per month

24 Months – $8.95 per month


Tinder Plus – $4.99

Tinder Gold – $7.49

Eharmony vs Tinder – Who are the Active Members?

Eharmony is a diverse dating service, and we discovered that the members are almost evenly split, with 53% of members being male and 47% being female. If you are keen to discover a match, then Eharmony is likely to work for you.

It’s got more than 90,000 members who are active on a weekly basis and more than 10 million members, all of which are aged between 25 and 55.

Tinder is immensely popular with younger singles, with members around the world. The average age is 18 to 35, although you can expect to see some older users. The majority of users are male, which is great if you’re female as there’s plenty to choose from!

When it comes to usage, there are 1 million active members each week.

What Countries do They Operate in?

Both apps are hugely popular worldwide, but if you are based in the UK, USA, Australia, and Canada, then Eharmony is going to be well known. In contrast to this, Tinder is also hugely popular and is available in over 190 countries.

Card Stack & Tile View

Two apps, two completely different designs, that’s what we discovered. Eharmony keeps it traditional in terms of online dating as it provides users with matches on their homepage. Members can also use the search function, which is easily accessible and simple to use.

Of course, as Eharmony asks users to complete a detailed questionnaire, then matches are extremely compatible.

As we found out during our time with the service while writing the Tinder review, it is based around luck or fate, as some like to call it. Swiping through profiles is the main design of this service, giving users the opportunity to like or pass profiles.

So, users should expect different layouts and functionality.

Who Owns Eharmony vs Tinder

Eharmony is owned by Eharmony Inc and is based in Florida. Tinder is owned by Tinder Inc and is located in Texas.

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