dating profile for women

dating profile for women

Your goal is finding love in your sixties, so tell your story in a short essay or a bulleted list. It’s no easy task because you don’t know what combination of details will resonate with the audience. That’s the beauty of falling in love. Fortunately, dating apps make it convenient to find your prince. While you know a romance won’t be the eighties love song, it will have the potential to make you fulfilled and partnered up in the golden years.

Where to Start Telling Your Story

online dating for womenGood writers write for a specific audience. They learn the reader’s wants and needs. Your dating profile targets a mystery reader, such as a man aged 50 to 80. What’s more, you don’t know his ethnicity, profession, hobbies, or relationship goals. You hope he wants a long-term partnership, but time will tell. You can’t force it. Write a list of things you want him to know like some examples:

  • Adjectives to describe your personality
  • Achievements
  • Your goals for dating
  • Where you see yourself in five years
  • Favorite hobbies
  • Family and pet details
  • Bucket list items

Good Online Dating Profiles to Copy and Paste

Tell a story using the samples below. Copy a dating profile template and change the words to describe yourself. Keep it enticing, making him curious to meet. You are a character to know in one minute or less. To sum up, why someone should meet you, what will you say?

Adapt These Adult Dating Profiles

online dating for womenA few caveats are: be proud of yourself, don’t lie about age or misrepresent yourself, and speak to the reader.

Read our samples of profile text, all under 200 words, to tweak for your purposes. Choose paragraphs or bullet points, but keep the feel of the text the same:

  • We’ll keep this short and sweet. I live my life outdoors. I have a simple home and a few belongings, and I travel several times a year, whether it’s hiking or resting by a quiet lake shore. I want a laid-back guy who can travel without family or work stopping him. I can love your kids if they spare you for overseas travel.
  • I am a passionate woman who loves good people and deep conversations. You will find me in a coffee shop or a bookstore. If I don’t expand my mind, I visit thrift stores or walk on the beach. These activities help me unwind and enjoy vacations. My ideal mate is hardworking, stays active, has his own passions, keeps a work-life balance, and loves his children. He opens up emotionally and tries new things. He seeks a long-term commitment to one good woman. I have bucket list goals to share in person. Ultimately, I see myself living my final years on a Pacific island community where there is no noise. Let’s chat!
  • In business, I have a work hard play hard lifestyle. First, my ideal match has a depth of character. He is honest, caring, and passionate, holds himself to high standards and believes in a divine creator. I am active and treat men with respect. I am not hung up on how much you make or your hobbies. I love art, music, dancing, film, and volunteering in the community. Because I don’t have children, I am flexible where I live and what a relationship looks like.

Your dating profile can spark a conversation and help you meet new people. The description can set a few expectations for a partner, even though you don’t know him yet. Be direct. While this isn’t an interview, it’s a way to attract the right person. How will you make a friend and have chemistry without authenticity? With one chance to impress, make the words jump off the screen, so he is dying to meet.

Give him a juicy carrot that he wants to eat. If you receive a few responses, change some phrases, and update your pictures. Have a close friend make suggestions. He or she knows you best! Good luck with senior dating!

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