senior woman

senior woman

1. Be realistic

As a senior getting back into dating, chances are you’re in a rush to find someone special. This can frequently indicate having higher expectations which can lead to disappointment. Hold your partner and your dating life to realistic standards.  He might not look as attractive as you imagined or text you a day following the first date. Accept that this is normal, and doesn’t mean the relationship is doomed to fail.

2. Search high and low

The internet is an enormous entity, and if used right, can make dating easier than one can fancy. Don’t limit yourself and settle for relationships that don’t satisfy your emotional needs. Scour the internet. Find men you are compatible with. Maybe even meet them in person for real dates!

3. Remember to have fun

Brush up those flirting skills and have fun as you get back in the game. Bad dates and rejections are inevitable. Don’t let them hold you back. Keep a positive mindset and leap of faith. Embrace new experiences. Don’t forget, bad dates make for fun stories.

4. Don’t be too hard on yourself

You can’t keep comparing yourself to what you looked like 30 years ago. If things are not going well, don’t hold your looks accountable. Beauty is not everything. Love is hard and takes time, so give yourself plenty of that.

How to know when someone has Mr Right potential

senior manOnline dating has made finding a man effortless, yet the question of him being your perfect match remains. Here is how you can identify if he is right for you:

1. You share the same future goals

Every successful relationship is based on two people working toward the same thing. Previous to you dive in head first, establish your boundaries and expectations to make sure both of you want similar things in the future.

2. You click instead of clash

A compatible match means someone who complements you well. Couples with mutual interests are more likely to work out. Do you delight the same games? Does he share your wanderlust and love for travel?  If you share similar hobbies and tastes, then a successful long term relationship is not difficult to imagine.

3. Socioeconomic compatibility

You might not find this piece of advice in fairytales, probably because it doesn’t sound romantic.  At this stage in life, you are far too practical to believe in puppy love. Is your partner at the same place in life as you? Health, money, and stability are important factors to take into account. Medical bills may not be romantic, but surely are an undeniably essential part of life.

4. He makes you feel good

This is the most important thing one needs to judge to ensure a long, healthy relationship. If he makes you feel valued, validated, respected, and comfortable in your skin, then he is the one. Because the nature of all healthy relationships is understanding, appreciation, and love.

Online dating tips to get started

Imagine not having any time for love, and after a much-anticipated retirement that decisively allows room for dating, not knowing where to begin. Sounds horrible, right? Don’t worry. We got you covered with these online dating tips.

online senior dating

The first thing you need to get started is a dating platform that meets all your needs. When making an online dating profile, don’t forget to be the best version of yourself. Write an inviting bio. Make your profile interesting, but keep it honest. Make sure to look your best in your profile photo!

This sums up everything you need in your arsenal of knowledge before you set out on your quest to find genuine love. An older, mature woman like you knows what she wants, and now you know how to find it. And while finding love is rewarding, the process can be equally fulfilling if done right. Don’t treat dating like a chore or means to an end. Leave your comfort zone and fearlessly grab everything life has to offer.


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