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Dating services became more than just popular today. With the Internet development, it became much easier to find a suitable partner online, when people can just have a short chat on the computer via many different platforms.

In today’s review, we are going to take a close look at Love for heart, the dating service, which can offer you fascinating features and provide you with a variety of different profiles. So, let’s dive into it to learn more about this site. 

An  Overview of Loveforheart

Loveforheart dating is a place, which provides users with an opportunity to find their couples on the Internet. The site is focused on letting people create a family using a comfortable platform. 

There is a developed chatting system, which allows you to see whether your companion is online or not and offers you different chatting tools to make your experience comfortable and easy. Users’ reviews claim it is a worthy one to find your love. However, you need to create your own profile to experience it. Read more about it below. 

How to Sign Up and Login to love for heart

Creating an account is necessary. This will give you an opportunity to come straight to the website after you looked through a landing page to find your love. The registration is free and you don’t have to provide much information. 

The only thing you have to do is to enter your name, age, email, choose the gender of a partner you are looking for, and that’s it. After that, you can fill your profile with the information you’d like to, but the site gives you an opportunity to keep your anonymity and leave only your name. You still will be able to use the service to the fullest.

However, it would be best to provide more information about you, including education, work, country/city to mpake it easier to match up with girls, whose hearts are full of love. And what about the girls on the website? Learn more about their profiles. 

The profiles of candidates

When you first visit the Love for heart front page, you will be able to see a landing page with a variety of photos of Slavic women. Their age varies from 18 to over 60, and all of them are either single or divorced (perhaps widowed).

All the photos are natural and good-looking. 

Ladies’ profiles contain the necessary information, so you can easily decide to chat with them. After that, enter the login and password to get access to the website. 

Most of the ladies on the website are mostly Russian and Ukrainian girls who are looking for a partner. But first, we need to know for sure that profiles let members of Loveforheart present themselves the best way possible. 

The quality of users’ profiles on Loveforheart

Profiles can contain the full information you want to provide. You can also add your weight and height in the suitable fields to let your partner make up images of your look. Moreover, the team tries hard to verify all the members’ profiles registered. As your profile is set up it will appear on a  landing page.

As for the profiles of the girls you are going to chat with, you can see all the pictures in their profiles, as well as their preferences while looking for a match. This way, finding love will be easier because the girls’ detailed characteristics let you know that you make contact with a real person. 

However, many women keep some information a little secret, so you better write them in order to find out more. Without some intrigue, the conversation with singles will not be that interesting, right? 

What about the chatting system on Loveforheart dating?

While surfing this Internet Portal, you will be able to see many profiles. Of course, you can message them for free at the very beginning, but for efficient interaction,   you need to buy credits. We will return to this section a little further. 

And the chatting system is pretty comfortable. First, moderators remind you that it is forbidden to send your personal data, such as phone number, mail, or address, to your interlocutor. This is important, especially for novice customers. Also, there are a variety of filters to make the search easier. 

After that, you can chat. If you cannot come up with a good icebreaker, use scripted messages to start a conversation. Modest users, or the ones who don’t know English well, will be delighted with this feature. Also, there is an opportunity to send letters if you want to share something special with your lady.

A nice point is that though you can contact the ladies yourself, by clicking the “chat” button on women’s profiles, in many cases, pretty Slavic singles won’t wait long to contact you themselves. 

loveforheart reviewThe Security Service on the website

Security and safety are the most important things on any website. And there is no doubt that Love for heart takes care of its customers and members of their community. There is a round-the-clock support service with real moderators and operators. Everything is legit. 

You can contact them via your email at [email protected], which is pretty ok. If your issues are individual and require help, you can be sure that the moderation team will help you as soon as possible. Reach out to the Support team in a live chat and they will check everything out to help you. 

Thus, rest assured that the work of the service is legitimate and safe, due to using different online-security methods.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Service

Like many modern services, Love for heart has both advantages and disadvantages. The list of advantages includes: 

  • Comfortable chatting system;
  • Quick registration process;
  • Opportunity to keep your anonymity;
  • 24/7 support services with real operators help;
  • Manually verified profiles;
  • Opportunity to send gifts;

However, the website also has some disadvantages, which include:

  • Sometimes the ksite downloads slowly;
  • No video chat yet;
  • No mobile app;

The mobile application

Love for heart doesn’t provide its users with a mobile app. However, you still can contact your chat mates using the mobile browser. The mobile version lets you enjoy the same perks and interact as effectively as the desktop version. If your Internet connection is reliable, you will always be close to your sweetheart to share the vibes of love with her. 

Special features

Modern online daters can hardly be surprised, but there are plenty of features that make more and more users join the Love for heart community for a low cost. 

The list of features includes:

  • Using a virtual currency (coins/credits) to pay for chatting and gifts;
  • Opportunity to send real-life gifts. You can order flowers or jewelry, and the Love for heart team will organize the delivery. The cost varies, depending on your needs;
  • Opportunity to set up a real meeting;
  • Opportunity to send private letters.

It gives you a chance to break the distance barrier, and let your girlfriend know that distance means nothing to you because you love passionately. 

Thus, what about the price? Read about the costs down below!

Is it expensive to use 

Talking about costs and prices, we should mention that customers are supposed to pay for prolonged chatting or sending gifts. The local currency is credits or coins. There are definite credit packages that allow you to enjoy the services to the fullest.

You can get 50 credits for $19, 100 credits package costs $33, 250 credits come for $75, 400 credits are $99 worth, and you can get 1000 credits for $199. And for a legit dating service, these costs are acceptable. The most popular payment methods are available. In case any payment issues arise, contact the operator, and you may also learn more about different discounts. 

One more precious bonus is that you don’t have to make monthly payments. You can just buy the credits you need and that’s all. Moreover, you will get different bonuses and hot offers dedicated to holidays, for instance. Sounds like a great deal for finding your love. 

The free account on the website

Getting an account on loveforheart is free. You don’t have to pay for checking how the site functions because you can use welcome bonuses for that. However, getting access to the extended functions of the portal requires getting credits. 

With a free account you can:

  • Receive and read letters;
  • Receive messages;
  • Explore portal functions;
  • Look through profiles;
  • Enjoy tons of professional and casual visual content

Premium features

In fact, all the features on the website can be claimed premium. You don’t have to buy a special account. 

Paid services include:

  • Chatting;
  • Sending stickers;
  • Viewing and sending videos;
  • Sending letters;


Loveforheart Review – Editors conclusion 

The site is definitely worth its users attention. There are a lot of charming Slavic women looking for love and a long-term relationship. The profiles’ manual verification lets you chat safely without unnecessary worries. All the users are under moderators’ protection. 

Yes, it is obvious that the service has some disadvantages, like the absence of a mobile app and video chat option. However, they don’t ruin the pleasant experience of using the website. Slavic ladies are very sociable and ready to message you first! So, we hope our review of love for heart won’t let you miss the chance to find your true love. 


Q:  How to buy credits on the website?

To buy credits on the website, you have to click the “get credits” button and purchase them. Just decide on which credit package you want to choose.

Q: What data can the website collect?

The website doesn’t collect any data. All the transactions are safe and no data of yours will be stored.

Q: What is the average age of users on the website?

You can get acquainted with women from 18 up to 60 years old. Just don’t be surprised to find out that mature Slavic ladies’  profiles look amazing.

Q: How much money will I have to spend per month?

Everything depends on how actively you interact with a lady. We recommend that you try the site for free first, and then decide whether you like it and what package you need.

Q: Can I refund my money?

The refund system on is individual. You have to contact the operators of the Support Team to manage the refund process, telling them about the issues you faced and providing the necessary proofs. The website team will be glad to help you.


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