If it’s online dating you’re looking for so hard, you’ve probably heard a lot about OkCupid and Match. Both services offer people the opportunity to take the hard work out of dating and finding singles looking for casual relationships or something deeper.

We understand that it can take time and effort when one desires to find the best service, but that’s where we come in.

We have already created a Match review and an OkCupid review.

Still, we’re creating a special, one-off review that compares the two!

We appreciate the ability to make an informed decision to give you the information that really matters in that kind of thing. 

We cut through the noise and give you details that can instantly give you the chance to make a better choice when dating online.

Our comparison is clear and concise, so you don’t have to waste a second longer!

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Whether you are using an iPhone or an Android device, you’ll be pleased to know that you can take advantage of apps for both services.



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OkCupid vs Match – What Are the Features Like?

Whether you’re someone who is new to online dating or not, features are going to count, trust us. Every dating service promises to offer features of some sort, but they can differ considerably.

Some services will only offer a couple of features, while others will cram in too many. Therefore, it’s important to learn about the features on offer.


Starting with OkCupid review, we instantly noticed that the service offers something different when compared to Match. This service isn’t packed with features, but that’s not a negative.

Users are sure to find something that fits their needs here. The Hot-or-Not game is going to give members the exhilarating experience of exploring members and deciding whether they are hot or not.

The search parameters are hugely impressive, ensuring that members can really tailor their search to their needs, no matter what they are.

Match logoThere is a free version of Match available, and it provides a wealth of free features. Browsing profiles and sending messages to a chosen number of members is also possible.

However, opt for an upgrade, and you’ll discover who has been browsing your account and those who have liked you.

You’ll also benefit from other features, including Reverse Matches, Likes Match Guarantee, Match Me and Boost.

Comparing Prices of OkCupid vs Match

The cost of dating services is likely to be the most important aspect for users. Nobody wants to spend money on something that doesn’t deliver.

So, we’ve checked out the costs of both services to help you choose which works best.

Daters will be pleased to learn that OkCupid doesn’t cost anything to join.

Fortunately, members can explore the service without making a commitment, which is a bonus. Free features are available to take advantage of, including uploading images, messaging, and viewing profiles.

Upgrade to a premium account, and you’ll have the ability to avoid ads, have your account ranked higher, and change the username.

Match also boasts a free account should users choose to check it out first. While users might not benefit from as many features as OkCupid, it’s still not disappointing.

However, any Match review notes that a premium account will provide more options, especially when it comes to searching and senior dating. With a paid account, users can broaden their search, and that’s what serious daters want.


1 Month – $7.95 each month

3 Months – $6.35 each month

6 Months – $3.95 each month


1 Month – $29.99 per month

3 Months – $19.99 per month

6 Months – $9.99 per month

OkCupid vs Match – Who Will You Find Using the Service?

There are services designed for young members, and there are those that are designed for senior dating. However, OkCupid is used by members who cover both these areas as the average age of 25-55. It boasts over 100 million members, with 53% of users being male.

Match is one of the longest standing dating services and has over 20 million members around the world. What’s more, 8 million of those have signed up for a premium account.

Every day, more than 500,000 people use the service. The average age of users is broad as it appeals to everyone, which means that you’ll find users aged between 25-54. Once again, there are more male members than women making up 55% and 45% respectively.

Both services offer a wide range of members, and that makes their services accessible for everyone.

What Countries Are They Popular in?

OkCupid is accessible to people worldwide as the service clearly acknowledges that everyone should have access to singles, dating, and new relationships. The most active members of OkCupid can be found in the UK, US, and Canada.

Match is a massively popular service and can be found in 24 countries around the world by singles and couples. However, the majority of members can be found in the UK and the US.

Card Stack & Tile View

We particularly liked the layout of the homepage at OkCupid. All matches are displayed on the home screen, allowing members to discover local matches, which is important for senior dating.

It’s possible to send messages, although those messages can only be viewed if users have liked the person who sent the message. The search function impressed us with plenty of parameters, giving members an opportunity to find exact matches.

Match displays members in a tile view on the homepage. This gives members an opportunity to discover local matches and members who are online. The search is highly intuitive, enabling users to base their search on a range of filters.

Who Owns OkCupid vs Match?

Humor Rainbow Inc owns OkCupid, and they are located in New York. Match.com, LLC own match, and their offices are based in Texas.

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