It’s pretty difficult to ignore the major services out there when it comes to dating. With so many fighting for your attention, you might not know where to turn, but that’s where we come in.

The world of dating has changed. With the introduction of app dating, users are now exploring quick and exciting ways to meet new people. So, let’s introduce Tinder and POF.

Tinder is the new kid on the block as it was established in 2012, but that doesn’t mean it cannot stand on its own two feet. Despite this, POF and Tinder compete for the same type of users: the modern, busy, young professional or younger singles or want an easy way to meet people.

However, they differ in the fact that Tinder is designed for casual dating. In contrast, POF is more suited to those who are looking for long-term relationships.

Therefore, we are bringing our Tinder review experience and our POF review to help you make an informed decision.

App for iPhone and Android

Tinder and POF are both designed for busy singles who are looking for easy, laid-back dating. Therefore, both are available as apps, giving people the opportunity to benefit from accessible dating on Apple and Android.



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Tinder vs POF – What Features Can You Use?

Every dating service out there will shout their features from the rooftop, Tinder and POF are judged on their features. These modern dating services are easy to use, intuitive, and look great, giving users an immersive experience.

Despite this, looks and ease of use might be important, but features are also crucial, so what do they offer?

tinder logoAs far as features go, Tinder reviews always mention that it might not contain as many features as other services, but that’s what it is known for. The concept is to provide users with access to super-fast hookups with people.

So, don’t expect detailed profiles because that defeats the object of the service. Despite this, it all makes sense, and that’s because the swiping game is the main stand out feature.

This game allows users to swipe through other members, giving them the ability to choose whether they like them or not.

It’s satisfying but nowhere near as clever or as detailed as other dating services!

pof logo for seniorsPOF does boast a huge variety of features, and that does put it ahead of Tinder. They have clearly attempted to make the service more exciting, and they might have achieved that. There is a chemistry predictor that involves tests and a psychological assessment.

The UltraMatch shows users who are more likely to match. While we were researching this service for our POF review, we were pleasantly surprised that it will also provide users located nearby – just like Tinder.

There is a Meet Me swiping game, much like the Tinder offering and the Today’s Catch feature, which highlight a new user profile each day.

So, Tinder keeps things simple, but POF does impress when it comes to features.

Comparing Prices of Tinder vs POF

You’ll be pleased to know that both Tinder and POF are free to use. While this is a bonus, there is always a catch of some sort because premium features will cost money.

Tinder costs nothing to download, allowing you to try it out. If users are happy to settle for the basic features, this app will work for them. Still, a couple of premium options are available.

There is Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold, and both offer something “extra”. As a Gold account holder, you’ll be able to ensure your profile gets seen. You’ll also be able to identify who has swiped right on you, allowing you to determine who you like.

Tinder Plus is much like Gold, although it’s possible to undo swipes made in error as well as benefit from as many likes as you wish. At the same time, it’s also possible to SuperLike someone too.

POF has two membership options available.

What you get for your money is a gold star, which means that you have double the chances of discovering a match. It’s also possible to see who has read or deleted your messages, add more images and appear at the top of “Meet Me”.


Tinder Plus – $4.99

Tinder Gold – $7.49


2 months – $19.35 per month

4 Months – $12.75 per month

8 Months – $9.99 per month

Tinder vs POF – Who Uses the Service?

We all understand how this dating app is popular with millennials. It’s no surprise to find out that members have an average age on Tinder of 18 to 35. Of course, you will find older members looking for senior dating.

However, most members are male, giving women plenty of choices! It’s a massively popular service, and it boasts 1 million members who actively use the service each week.

Head over to POF, and you’ll find a very active service with 800,000 members using the site each day while more than 30 million members reside in the UK.

Around 60% of members are male, which makes POF much like Tinder.

You’ll also find the majority of users aged between 25 and 34, although there are members in every age bracket.

What Countries Are They Popular in?

Tinder is a worldwide dating site, which means that you will find it in almost every corner of the globe. Therefore, most of the users are located in the UK and the US, despite their being in Germany, Spain, France, and Brazil.

POF is slightly different as the service can be accessed in a few countries. This includes Canada, UK, the US, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Netherlands, Denmark, and Sweden.

Card Stack & Tile View

The idea behind Tinder is for people to explore members using the Swiping game. This enables users to swipe across images of users and choose whether they like them or not.

Once users are liked, only then can they begin making contact with members. It seems rather constricted to us, but on the whole, it’s about fun and excitement, and that’s something that the younger generation is looking for.

POF provides users with matches using their special algorithm.

Therefore, the results are displayed on the home screen and are relatively easy to access, which is great for senior dating.

Should you want to search, you’re going to need to know their name as you can search for a username, but if you don’t know the full name, you will need to sift through potential members.

Who Owns Tinder vs POF?

Tinder Inc is the owner of Tinder, while Plentyoffish Media ULC owns POF.

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