seniors flirting

seniors flirting

Women are more likely to get swoon over what they hear, and men mostly get attracted by what they see. Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars indeed! Notwithstanding, it does not matter how many planets are betwixt you. You can reach the depth of her with the right flirting skills.

Effective Flirting Tips for Guys in Texting

Everyone loves the fun and thrill of dating. Unfortunately, some men usually fail at the texting stage where things should have been lighter. Girls love a good company too, this is why you can prove this by carefully choosing your next text messages to this woman you want to get to know more.

senior datingBeing in the friend zone is the last thing you want with the person you like. Consequently, you have to stir some sexual excitement betwixt you two. Don’t hide how you find her sexy or hot, but you also have to sound like it is a casual admiration—not perverse.

Show your sexual side by complimenting her physical attributes now and then. It is understandable for girls to become shy or timid when it comes to erotic or sexy conversations. If she becomes unresponsive, don’t sweat it out! Move on to the next conversation instead of becoming apologetic, and act as nothing happened. This only shows that you respect her preferences and at the same time are bold of your masculinity. At the end of the day, opposites still do attract.

Don’t be excessively available by constantly texting her every hour of every day. Show her that you have your passions and you are also a busy person since it’s sexy. This will make her more curious about you. However, don’t be too cold or detached to the extent of her forgetting you. Yes, you are enormously attracted to her but don’t make it too obvious by also sending her lengthy messages all the time. Practice a healthy mentality of becoming aware that you are a good catch, and that many girls find you attractive.

Men are known as aggressive beings, like lions in the wild. But if you want to win the chasing game, always take the high road by acting cool and laid-back when girls turn sexual in a sudden. Don’t fall for a thirst trap—or else you will end up in a den. Show her that you are classy and dissimilar from the ordinary guys she knows.

Text her funny inverted commas or share to her a hilarious thing that happened to your day. The best time to message her is when you are in a good mood since the smooth conversation will come next.

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