Both Zoosk and OkCupid are considered big players in the online dating space. Whether you are eager to discover senior dating or casual dates with younger people, both websites offer something different.

If you’re considering joining the online dating movement, it helps to understand what they’re both offer.

Whether people are looking for a couple relationship, laid back matches, or the opportunity to try new things, both services promise to cover everything they need, but how true is it?

Our experts have taken our OkCupid review and Zoosk review and brought them together to develop a simple-to-understand comparison, helping you choose between the two.

Sure, finding a trustworthy service can prove challenging, but discovering a service that works for you is another issue, so that’s where we can help.

How Does the App for iPhone or Android Compare?

With apps available on both iPhone and Android, we understand that identifying what they offer can prove difficult.

As a result, we’ve cut through the noise and have identified what both services offer via their apps.



Free Membership


Scene Negotiation



Visual Fetish List



Photo Gallery

Private Galleries



Free Chat



Group Chat



Dating Searches





Features of Zoosk vs OkCupid

At this point, it’s about understanding what both services offer. It is common to identify dating websites that are packed full of features, yet, they disappoint as far as functionality and practicality go.

If we consider the flip side, it’s common to come across services that lack features but contain everything that users need, and this is what we help to determine.

zoosk logoBeginning with Zoosk’s review, we instantly noticed that the site doesn’t fall short when it comes to features. However, that didn’t instantly fill us with cheer and happiness, but we scratched beneath the surface and found more!

We have come to the decision that this service provides everything that people should expect from a website that costs money to use. Its matching feature is one that stands out. It builds a profile from answers that users provide, allowing the site to put its algorithm to use.

The site then provides potential matches. Users won’t need to worry about winking at members or looking at profiles as it’s free, but should you feel the need to chat, then it will cost.

Furthermore, Zoosk has a variety of activities and games designed to improve the potential of meeting compatible singles.


This moves us onto OkCupid review, where it’s clear to see that it contains fewer features.

Despite this, we don’t see this as a negative as it delivers. Fewer features don’t equate to fewer hookups; the site provides everything members require to discover love. We found the Hot-or-Not Game, where users can choose if people are right for them or not.

Of course, browsing profiles is a possibility too. One neat feature that other websites overlook is providing a range of search parameters. OkCupid gets everything right because the search is functional and provides tailored results.

Comparing Prices of Zoosk vs OkCupid

We are confident you’ll be impressed to learn that both services cost nothing to join and instantly we consider this a good thing.

Despite this, the right choice depends on whether users are expecting to pay or whether they are looking forward to something completely free.

OkCupid allows users to join without needing to part with their cash. This provides an opportunity to explore the service and determine if it’s right, which we like a lot.

It enables users to explore a range of free services, including providing answers for match questions, viewing profiles, adding images, and messaging with members. The premium account can block ads, have their account placed higher, and alter their username.

Zoosk takes a different approach, and although it’s free, members instantly recognize that most features are going to cost. Without paying, users might discover it lacks in many areas, leaving them frustrated.

Zoosk Prices

1 Month – $29.99 each month

3 Months – $20.00 each month

6 Months – $12.50 each month


1 Month – $7.95 each month

3 Months – $6.35 each month

6 Months – $3.95 each month

Zoosk vs OkCupid – Who are the Active Members?

Each service is designed to appeal to users of every age, sexual desire, and gender. Zoosk boasts around 25 million visits each month while OkCupid has 100 million, showing the gulf between the two.

At Zoosk, 48% of users are male, while OkCupid is higher at 53%. What’s more, the average age for both services is 25 to 55, although Zoosk appeals to more people above 55.

The range of members is diverse for each service as they both claim to deliver opportunities to suit everyone, regardless of their needs. So, whether singles are seeking casual dates, friendship, or long-lasting relationships, both services are certain to tick every box.

What Countries do They Operate in?

It’s probably no surprise that both services can be accessed around the globe. Zoosk can be found in around 80 countries and boasts over 20 different languages. In contrast, OkCupid is widely available worldwide and can be used in more locations than Zoosk.

However, it’s a casual dating service that means some people from around the world won’t be accessible. Despite this, most users of both sites reside in the UK, US, and Canada.

Card Stack & Tile View

At OkCupid, users are given a homepage of users, which is highly useful for seeing local matches without the hassle. As far as messaging goes, users can send messages, but other members can only see the message if they have liked them back.

The search feature is highly intuitive and provides parameters that enable members to fine-tune their search.

At Zoosk, users are presented with people online now, and they can choose to like them or pass. It’s more of a game that is great for exploring random members. There is a search function with filters to search for specific members based on a range of options.

Overall, the functionality works well, and it did impress us.

Who Owns Zoosk vs OkCupid

Zoosk is owned by the Zoosk Inc company and is located in San Francisco. The company that owns OkCupid is Humor Rainbow Inc and is located in New York.

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